Entertainment Center opens in Sweden with ten modern Green Bowling® lanes

The entertainment complex Knock ‘Em Down opened on Friday, 28, in Sweden. Located in the city of Norrkoping, the establishment has a huge space for the entertainment of all ages, where ten official Imply® Green Bowling® lanes were installed.

Green Bowling® combines several reasons to attract players, offering a more fun way to score strikes. The alleys are developed with the most modern and reliable technologies applied to entertainment. Such as the exclusive interface that allows players to connect their Smartphones to the game. With this, it is possible to use the smartphone to access the options menu, see the game score, place orders on the menu and share the score with friends on social networks.

In addition to bowling, the place has several options of unique environments with a huge variety of activities. Being them, virtual reality games, trampoline park, pool tables, among many others. All of this accompanied by an incredible variety of food and drinks. The FEC also hosts events, birthdays and parties.

Are you interested and want to learn more about this profitable business? Access: https://www.imply.com/engb/entertainment/enterprise-guide/