Eleven Tickets Platform Optimizes Gremio Ticket Sales

Grêmio fans can easily buy tickets over the internet for the Copa Libertadores match against Flamengo. The game which takes place on March 23 in Maracanã. Tickets are being sold through the Eleven Tickets online platform through the link gremio.eleventickets.com

The first wave of sales is exclusive to members. With 24-hour priority to Tricolor members, with access to club membership data. Afterwards, sales will be open to the public. Each CPF will be entitled to purchase up to two tickets, due to the high demand.

In addition to ticket sales, the Imply® Group is also responsible for the complete access control and management at both Maracanã and Grêmio Arena. Today, the holding company is present with high flow access control technologies through innovative projects in the most modern stadiums and arenas in Latin America. To learn more about the solutions offered, visit: https://www.imply.com/engb/access-systems/