Univates Health automates Touchless Access with Imply®

Univates Health, the result of a partnership between Bruno Born Hospital and the University of Vale do Taquari, is one of the largest and most modern laboratory complexes in southern Brazil. The complex is located in Lajeado, in an area of ​​approximately 1200 m2.

Univates uses the Imply® ElevenAccess Platform to facilitate the control of Touchless Access authorizations for thousands of users in various sectors of the institution: Hospital, Theater, Library, Sports Areas, Administrative Sectors and more. The Touchless Access solution is ideal not only for places with high flow of people, but also for restricted areas as well.

According to Paulo Roberto Mallmann, IT Manager at Univates: “The Imply® solution was chosen due to differentials, such as the ease of integration with our internal systems and for providing a web interface for integrated management of the devices. We use the Access Control solution in several sectors, with access controlled by profiles by reading the users’ RFID Smartcard. Each student, teacher or staff member has this card. I highlight the versatility of the Access Control solution, the technical quality, professionalism and commitment of the Imply® team.”

How Touchless Access works at Univates Health:

At the Univates Health Complex, we combine several Touchless Access technologies with high precision and reliability for user validation and access control. In this sense, the Imply® Touchless Access solution protects operations, blocking access to unauthorized or unidentified people. This way, it ensures that only authorized people access its environments. In addition, the Touchless Access technology works without the need for physical contact, providing contactless validation and access when entering and/or exiting areas.

Users use their authorized smartphones, or approximate their RFID Smartcards to validators. When access is authorized, the doors immediately open automatically, without the need for physical contact. Watch the video:

Lucas da Silva, IT Analyst at Univates, approved the solution: “The Touchless Access platform is easy to use, and I highlight how easy it is to manage by mobile. This saves me a lot of time!”

According to the IT Coordinator, Viviane Berner, professionalism is the basis of the lasting partnership between Imply® Group and Univates. “The main objective of the Touchless Access project is to protect operations with safety, ensuring that only authorized people access the controlled environments. We strive for innovation and quality, which are common values ​​for both brands. We have worked with Imply® for several years and we are very satisfied with automation, customer service, differentiated products and services.”

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