Since june 24th , the graphic park of the local newspaper named Gazeta do Sul is even more qualified. It´s been developed and installed by Imply Tecnologia Eletrônica, from Santa Cruz do Sul, an equipment able to control electronically the impression issue produced by the graphic. According to the commercial director of the newspaper Paulo Treib, one of the main advantages of the system is the wastefulness reduction, once it controls electronically the impression porcess and warns the process is over. “As the process control used to be done manually, we used to produce much more unities than the necessary”.

In addition to the electronic control of the printer, the system also provides an electronic panel with 0,80 x 0,80 meters – displaing informations such as the goal, the wastefulness and the total production, allowing the employees to follow the impression process, checking how many newspaper were already produced and the amount remaining to printed. “We belive we´re one of the pioneers in the state and in the whole country to install this system” said the director.

Developed specifically to assist the necessities of the graphic park of the local newspaper, responsible for the impression of several newspapers and plublications from all over the state, the equipment was projected by the research and development department of the Imply Tecnologia Eletrônica » Special Projects. “We´ve been developing several specific projects as this appling the highest technology to our clients” pointed out the director of the company, Tironi Paz Ortiz.

TECHNOLOGY – According to the RD department, the informative panel of production is destinated to exhibit the production data and it can be adjusted according to the client´s necessity. In Gazeta´s case, through an digital input connected to a sensor, it is possible to count thr number of newspapers printed, the system activates a sonorous signal and generates an electric pulse that pluged to the machines, stops the production and avoid wastefulness.