Data Traffic takes more security to Goiânia with Imply® Road Panels

To increase traffic safety, Data Traffic has implemented 10 Imply® Electronic Road Panels on the main highways of Goiânia – GO in Brazil. Panels are innovative technologies for intelligent routes, providing more safety, information and comfort to users. The system implemented by the Company in Imply® Road Panels was created to reduce average speed without harming traffic by detecting high speed vehicles. In addition, the technology generates statistical data, and identifies the monitored ranges and the distance between the equipment and the vehicle at the time of the infraction. Data and digital images can be archived on magnetic media or sent online to the Operation and Control Center for processing. These equipment and systems are located at points where there is a need for inspection, without harming vehicular traffic.
Developed with the best materials and strict quality control, with protection level IP65, they are designed to operate 24 hours a day with resistance to the most severe conditions of climate, traffic, pollution, variations in temperature and relative humidity. They use robust technologies for long-lasting high performance.