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Develop, produce and market innovative products and services aimed at exceeding the expectations of customers.


To be a reference in technology for many generations.


  • I – INNOVATION: Reason of our business.
  • M – MOTIVATION: Joy to be part of the team.
  • P – PLANNING: Analisis, action, activity, quality and productivity.
  • L – LUCRATIVITY: Prosperity, growth, leadership.
  • Y – YES: Vibration, celebration of results.

11 Principles

  • 1 INNOVATION: Seek new ideas and turn them into reality to make a difference. Think big, be curious and creative.
  • 2 INITIATIVE: Having an enterprising spirit. Pioneering attitude. Be an example every day in our actions. Act with wisdom, discipline and responsibility.
  • 3 INTERACTIVITY: Team Spirit. Act synergistically, being accessible and dynamic. Share ideas and democratize knowledge with the team. Seek and disseminate the best practices.
  • 4 INTEGRATION: Being open and inclusive. Preserve the environment, bringing benefits to the community and the world. Invest in personal relationships, creating a network based on friendly ties with ethics, integrity and mutual respect.
  • 5 INVESTOR: Analyze each project to be profitable, enabling growth. Minimize risk and reduce costs, seeking to increase our profitability with quality.
  • 6 INTERNATIONALIZATION: Being attentive to the world market and to be recognized as a reference.
  • 7 INTUITION: Be alert to new opportunities, acting with mind and heart. Dare with awareness of the risks.
  • 8 IMMEDIATE: Act quickly, clearly and objectively. Do not waste time with useless things. Do not leave for later what you can do now.
  • 9 INCENTIVE: The best opportunities will be given to the best people. Invest in self-development, qualification and continuous improvement to be the best at what we do. Developing the talents to create the best successors. Continue to grow and learn.
  • 10 IMPRESSIVE: Always give your best. Strive for excellence, to do everything well and with quality. Seek for the best results. Exceed expectations. Partnership and dedication to each client’s success.
  • 11 IMPORTANT: Be an excellent environment, with modernity, comfort and safety. Believe in yourself and in Imply®. Inspire confidence. Defend our culture, cultivate our reputation and promote our brand.