Corsan modernizes operations with Imply Self-Service Terminals

Corsan Sanitation Company, with the objective of increasing the satisfaction of its customers, is providing 320 Imply Self-Service Terminals at several cities in Rio Grande do Sul state, Brazil. The hardware and software of the Terminals are being developed by Imply to expand users’ access to various services offered by Corsan. In addition, Corsan managers […]

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Imply® Self-Service Terminals facilitate the routine of the population of Minas Gerais

In March, the Secretariat of Planning and Management of the Government of the State of Minas Gerais (Seplag), in Brazil, decided to modernize its operations in order to facilitate the daily lives of citizens. Thus, dozens of Imply® Group self-service terminals were installed in about 32 cities in the state. The hardware and software of […]

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How Sanepar modernized its operations

The project for the modernization of the services of the Paraná Sanitation Company (Sanepar) recently completed one year. Imply® was the winner of the bid and provided 100 Self-Service Terminals to meet demand. After a year in operation, the modernization presents visible results, bringing more practicality to the daily life of Paraná state citizens, in […]

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Pre-Launch of New Imply® TCI Slim Terminal in the #GoAheadPraxio Event

Determined to always bring innovative solutions to its customers, Imply® constantly strives to improve its products. And 2019 marks the launch of the new Imply® TCI Slim Terminal from the Self-Service Unit. On March 20th, the #GoAheadPraxio happened in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. At the time, the new TCI Slim Imply® Terminal was pre-launched. The […]

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8 Tips on Self-Service You Need to Know Today

Self-service solutions have become more and more the choice of companies that want to optimize their services. If you’re looking to build customer loyalty and make your services more agile and efficient, Self-Service Terminals are the way to go. If you are thinking of joining the system or if you already have it, check out […]

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Imply® Self-Service Technologies optimize ticket sales to 7.8 Million people per day in Sao Paulo

São Paulo is the largest city in Brazil with more than 12 Million inhabitants. Every day, around 7.8 Million passengers a day use the Public Transport Service. Given the large traffic of people, ticketing operators have opted for the use of Imply® equipment and services, offering more ease, agility and modernity to users. To optimize […]

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Imply® Self Service optimizes contributions to Santander Bank’s project

Imply® Self-Service Technologies now help to make a quicker and easier contribution to the Friend of Value Project. The Santander Bank project aims to engage bank employees, customers and suppliers to direct part of the Income Tax to the Child and Adolescent Rights Councils. The Imply® Self-Service Terminals, TCI model, have been available since December […]

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Angra City Hall innovates with Imply Self-Service and Consultation Terminals

The Municipality of Angra dos Reis, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, innovated the way it provides the services of the Municipal Health by providing the Imply Self-Service and Consultation Kiosks (TCI). The equipments were installed in August this year. With the Imply Self-Service and Consultation Kiosks, the service to the public became more agile, since […]

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Sanepar innovates with Imply® Self-Service Kiosks

Aiming to modernize the services offered, the Sanitation Company of Paraná (Sanepar), in Brazil, opened a bidding process for Self-Service Terminals. Imply® was the big winner of the project, providing 100 self-service kiosks that were exclusively designed for this demand. The Solutions are available in several public places and also in the SANEPAR Service Centers. […]

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Caxias do Sul Bus Station innovates ticket sales with Imply® Self-Service Terminals

The Caxias do Sul Bus Station, Brazil, now also has a solution for ticket sales through Imply® Self-Service Terminals. Since the beginning of November, the space has two terminals for the issuance and withdrawal of tickets. The service is directed to the public that uses a credit card to make the purchase or purchased through […]

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