See 7 advantages of having a Bowling Alley at your Home or Condominium

World trend, Bowling is a fun and attractive game for all ages. At first very popular in family entertainment centers, this attraction has been conquering not only hotels and resorts, parks, attractions, restaurants, bars and pub’s, but also high-end properties. Whether for leisure areas in luxury condominiums, as for mansions, farms or private residences, the […]

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Residence in Brazil with Imply® Residential Bowling Alleys

A luxurious residence located in Campo Grande, Brazil, now has a stunning environment designed for entertainment: Two Residential Bowling Alleys with Imply® Technology have been installed. The owner of the residence chose Imply® Technology to realize his dream of having his own private bowling alleys. Thus, the new high-tech attraction will guarantee the fun. After […]

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Have you ever thought about spending your vacation in an amazing mansion close to the best attractions in Florida? There are seven luxury homes in Orlando, Florida, each with two Green Bowling® Imply® residential bowling lanes: – Wonderful World Villa, with 14 rooms and capacity for 40 people *NEW! – Sports & Wellness Villa, with […]

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Brazilian businessman acquires Imply® Bowling for his farm

There is no better place than the countryside to rest and recharge our energy, right? Specially when the atmosphere is pleasant, welcoming and offers high-tech entertainment. Thinking of providing a fun experience for his family and friends, a famous brazilian businessman acquired an Imply® Green Bowling alley for his farm. The property is located in […]

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Amazing themed mansions open in Orlando with Imply® Bowling

Do you like music? Have you ever considered spending your vacation in a mansion where all rooms are themed of some musical genre? Or how about completely immersing yourself in American culture in a home decorated to celebrate the country’s cultural and historical achievements? And all this close to the Disney Parks? Last Wednesday, 20, […]

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Incredible Orlando Vacation Mansion opens with Green Bowling® Lanes

In Orlando, FL, a Hollywood-themed vacation mansion comes to offer an unique experience. The themed venue celebrates great movie classics such as Back to the Future, Titanic, Jumanji, ET, The Wizard of Oz, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, among others. The house has 576 square meters (6200 square feet), 14 themed rooms and hosts up to […]

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Zimmermann Builder launches condominium with Green Bowling in Santa Catarina

In this May 2018, Zimmermann Builder delivered another one of its beautiful projects in Brazil, the Residential Zimmermann. The condominium, named after the Builder, is located on one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, Itapema in Santa Catarina. They are two towers, with large apartments and several areas dedicated to the leisure and entertainment of […]

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The Alliance Group completed another successful venture, the Mansions Heron Marinho in Joao Pessoa, Brazil. Designed by big brazilian names in architecture and landscaping, the Mansions Heron Marinho offers luxury, exclusivity and wellbeing to a select group of residents. The two Imply® Bowling Alleys are part of the recreational area that values the high standard […]

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In recent years, we can observe the growth of the entertainment areas in hotels, resorts, condos and residences. With attractions for leisure and entertainment, not only the hospitality industry, as well as luxury residences. Bowling is a leisure and entertainment option able to contemplate the varying tastes of the whole family and people of all […]

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A residence in Covington, Louisiana is now even more luxurious and stunning, with the installation of it’s very own bowling alley by Imply®. Bowling Alleys by Imply® are a great entertainment options to add to your home. Consider adding some Imply® products for your next residential project or home renovation. We can help you find the best entertainment solution […]

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