São Luis and Belém innovate in out of home medias with Imply® Message Panels

In order to innovate the urban comunication, the company MC Mensagens installed 73 Imply® Message Panels in the capitals São Luis and Belém – Brazil. The panels were installed in places with high flow of people, with 21 panels in São Luis and 52 in Belém. The PEM 2017 model has been developed according to […]

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Imply install panels at the local university

The stundents of the local university (Unisc) count, since february, with a differentiated information option. It´s been installed four Electronic Message Panels (PEM) at strategical points inside the campus, fabricated by Imply Tecnologia Eletrônica. The equipment possesses an elctronic newspaper where the date, temperature, the standart time and where the latest news of the university […]

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