Imply® Out of Home Media optimize disclosures in Brazil

Out of Home Media are a great alternative for wide-ranging disclosures. Now, the capitals Aracaju and Natal in Brazil have hundreds of Billboards and Outdoor LED Digital Signage, developed by Imply® Group for MC Visual Communication. MC is a specialist in OOH Media operations in several Brazilian cities and capitals.  In addition, Imply® already offers […]

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São Luis and Belém innovate in out of home medias with Imply® Message Panels

In order to innovate the urban comunication, the company MC Mensagens installed 73 Imply® Message Panels in the capitals São Luis and Belém – Brazil. The panels were installed in places with high flow of people, with 21 panels in São Luis and 52 in Belém. The PEM 2017 model has been developed according to […]

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PEM panel registers low temperatures in Gramado

The PEM – Imply® Electronic Message Panel – located in Gramado, in the south Brazilian mountains, has recorded low temperatures. On August 26, the snow came and made the delight of tourists. The PEM completed the frozen landscape, making the location a reference for photos. Check it out:

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PEM registers low temperatures in Gramado

The Imply® PEM – Electronic Message Panel – located in the city of Gramado, in the Sierra of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, has recorded low temperatures. The forecast, including snow, has attracted tourists from different parts of Brazil to contact this atmosphere so characteristic of the gaucho winter. The Imply PEM® is composed by […]

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Imply® Display will count down the 200 years of Pelotas

The Imply® PEM Display installed at the beginning of July will count down the 200 years of Pelotas. With the support of the Imply ® the City Hall was responsible for innovation. The clock was installed in Pelotas/RS/Brazil in front of “Paço Municipal”, in the area called Cultural Focus.

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Imply® PEM records low temperatures in Santa Cruz

Besides being highlighted by the modern design and technology, Imply® Electronic Message Panels have been attracting the attention of the population in Santa Cruz do Sul by recording the low winter temperatures. The thermometers marked 2 celsius degrees this week. In the countryside, there was frost in isolated spots. Photo credits: Igor Müller/Gazeta do Sul Source:

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Imply install displays at the local university

The stundents of the local university (Unisc) count, since february, with a differentiated information option. It´s been installed four Electronic Message Displays at strategical points inside the campus, fabricated by Imply Tecnologia Eletrônica. The equipment possesses an elctronic newspaper where the date, temperature, the standart time and where the latest news of the university are […]

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