CAP optimizes services with Maestro Web

The Arena da Baixada, located in Curitiba, Brazil, is considered one of the most modern in Latin America. Recently, the complex received the installation of the efficient Imply® Maestro Web System, which integrates several tools to optimize the service to the Members and Fans of the Atlético Paranaense Club (CAP). The modern platform includes an […]

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Federal Police optimizes services with Imply Maestro System

Keen to offer agile and efficient services to the large numbers of civilians that pass through their building every day, the Federal Police of Santa Cruz do Sul, Brazil, invested in the Imply Maestro System, a modern technology tool that optimizes the queue management. Upon arriving at the building, the innovative differentials of Maestro system […]

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The long wait in queues is a problem often experienced by many people, leading to physical wear and irritation. The commitment to excellence in customer service is a critical and decisive factor for customer satisfaction and the success of a business. Knowing this, Imply® offers tools that encourage a new level of customer flow management. […]

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Today the quest for speed in everyday processes is constant. The rush of everyday life makes more and more technology become an ally in the allocation of convenience to people’s lives. In this sense, the Maestro Web Queue & Customer Flow Management System developed by Imply Technology has brought many benefits for service management and […]

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Imply® installs first Maestro project with tablets

Constantly innovating, Imply® recently installed a differentiated project of the product Maestro. The Brasilia Energy Company CEB debuted a new version of the product, which now offers tablets so customers can evaluate each service. Check it out:

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