Bowling alleys offer more fun and innovation in Hotels, Resorts and Condominiums

With the launch of resort-style developments, it has been possible to observe the growth of leisure areas in hotels, condominiums and luxury residences in recent years. If sports courts, playgrounds and grills were enough, now these structures need to upgrade with the latest trends to differentiate and offer new attractions in entertainment. With modern attractions for leisure and fun, these spaces have the opportunity to elevate their capacities to offer an unparalleled experience to its guests and residents.
Bowling is a guarantee of a sophisticated experience: “Bowling alleys are a proven attraction worldwide. It’s an asset that certainly values ​​any venture, offering a fun experience with the highest technologies applied to entertainment”, says Imply CEO Tironi Paz Ortiz. This classic attraction, besides providing fun for the whole family and people of all ages, is also a social activity and a healthy physical activity.
Knowing this, Imply® offers a wide range of high-tech Bowling Lanes to bring your Entertainment services to a new level. We can develop customized lanes for your space.
We have clients like:
– Tauá Resort Caeté, Brazil;
– Tauá Resort Atibaia, Brazil
– Blue Tree Park Búzios, Brazil;
– Mira Serra Park Hotel, Brazil;
– The Lodge at Resort Stoneridge, USA;
– Hotel Luabay Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain;
– Forum des Eaux Bernard Hinault, Saint François Longchamp, France;

According to Pedro Vieira, Marketing Manager of Tauá Resort Caeté “We always strive to innovate in our leisure attractions and bowling has always been a desire of Tauá Network and our public. Our guests are amazed by the structure and comfort of the place. In addition to all the fun we can provide, we have great technical support”, he emphasizes.