Beerze Bowling opens with the innovative Green Bowling® in Holland

On April 7th, Beerze Bowling opened with 4 lanes of the stunning Green Bowling® in Beerze, Holland.

The Beerze Bowling is part of the Beerze Bulten Park, offering amazing experiences for the whole family, with indoor and outdoor pools, restaurant, bungalows and cabins, spa, themed playgrounds, climbing, interactive theaters, various leisure activities and lots of fun.

With state-of-the-art technologies, Green Bowling® delivers a range of new features, including a color show, through a unique system of RGB LEDs synchronized on the pins, along the lanes and in the players’ terminals. The new game interface features super 55″ HD LCD screens and interactive touch screen terminals, where players can choose their own interactive avatars, and allows players to connect their own smartphones to the game to place orders of food and drinks, share their score on social networks, and more.

Check out the photos: