Available Parking Spaces panel powered by solar energy is developed by Imply for Rek Parking

Always improving and developing new technology solutions, Imply, in recent days, has ensured the satisfaction of another customer. The Rek Parking, a company that for 12 years is dedicated to solutions for parking, now has a Available Parking Spaces panel to facilitate parking in the city of Santa Maria, Brazil.

From a system composed of sensors in each parking space, the number of places available is disclosed in the panel, and updated in real time. This solution allows drivers entering the parking lot to recognize the amount of free spaces, thus saving time. It is also important to notice that its operation is powered by solar energy, which is an efficient and responsible energy source.

The electronic panels are excellent communication tools, developed by Imply according to the demands of each client, optimizing the display of guidelines, advertisements, date, time, temperature, graphics and various messages.