IMPLY® TECNOLOGY in partnership with CORSAN, the south Brazilian water enterpise, has installed his newest Self-service kiosk model in the brazilian cities of: Alvorada, Cachoeirinha, Canoas, Eldorado do Sul, Esteio, Gravataí, Guaíba, Osório, Porto Alegre, Rio Grande, São Lourenço do Sul, Sapucaia do Sul, Torres, Tramandaí e Viamão.

This computerized kiosk allows the user of corsan to have access to the same services that are offered online without charge, like second invoice copy of the water bills, historic of the already payed bills, debts, last readings and the possibility to send messages to Corsan. The installation of these kiosks was done in places of big population traffic, seeking to make easier the access to this service.

IMPLY TECNOLOGIA watches over the system temotely and daily, having developed an exclusive software for that.