Atlético Paranaense Club is an example of biometrics

“The levels of incidence and violence are negligible here.” The phrase is by Fernando Volpato, operations director of the Arena da Baixada, Atlético Paranaense Stadium, the only one in Brazil with 100% biometric accesses.
The club has full control of who enters and leaves the stadium, and can identify any supporters in or near the venue. “If the supporter causes any material damage to the club, he is identified and referred to the Police. If agrees to pay the damage immediately, the matter is settled right there. In cases that may cause some technical damage to the club, we record all the images and prepare a bulletin to use in our defense in the courts”, Volpato explains.
The security that the biometric system provides to the club and the fans that visit the stadium is directly associated with the monitoring system. “It’s how we connect the document to the face,” says the director of the stadium. Implanted since 2014, initially only in the organized sector, the biometric system of the Arena da Baixada refers to the data base of the Government of Paraná State (Traffic and Identification Institute).

Source: Jornal do Povo