Another goal for Imply® Technology

Recently IMPLY® TECHNOLOGY has installed in the State of Piauí, Brazil, in one fo the largest football stadiums of the region an innovative ELECTRONIC SCORE DISPLAY.

This display was developed to supply the necessity of this gigantic stadium,and features an exclusive illumination system by CLUSTERS specially created for this project, each CLUSTER has 4 high brightness LED with orange color, totally protected with syntethic resin to avid outdoors damage.

The score display with his 12 meters of wide and a total height of more than 3 meters will show to the public and teams the game time, names of the teams and score of the game.

The display counts also with a large GRAPHIC DISPLAY that show different sets of animations for the game, like: GOAL, players IN and OUT, FOUL, having also the possibility of showing personalized messages and pubblicitary material, updated in realtime.

Besides all this LED CLUSTERS, the display also features 2 pubblicitary pannels composed by MOBILE PARTS that allow the insertion of 6 different advertising pannels. A technology already used in the IMPLY PEM.

All the communication of this Innovative product is done by the Wirelles system and updated by a PC.

The ELECTRONIC SCORE DISPLAY will start to make part of the range of products of IMPLY TECHNOLOGY from 2007 on.

IMPLY = INNOVATION, always Innovating, having new Ideas.