Vehicle Access Control

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We offer a powerful omni-channel platform with everything you need to sell tickets, control access of people and vehicles, and manage the success of your operations. Your complete and intelligent solution to boost your results!

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Vehicle Access Control Imply Electronic Technology.

Technologies Imply for efficient parking operation

  • Efficiency
  • Agility
  • Practicality
  • Convenience
  • Satisfaction
  • Productivity

A complete and intelligent solution for parking management.

Provides high accuracy in intelligent management of access.

High-speed access and transmission of information.

Payment can be made online.

First class quality service.

Improves the image and adds value to your business.

Optimize human resources and reduce operating costs.

Management and real time monitoring central. Automated gates with remote control and self service kiosks.

Offer precision and security, with effect profitability. Improves the user experience, reduces wait time and the size of the queues.


Vehicle Access Control

An intelligent and reliable parking management solution with the highest technology to give you precision and safety in controlling vehicle access with effective profitability.

+ Efficiency

Allows charging by fixed or variable value for periods of time (daily, hours).

+ Agility

High speed of access and transmission of information. Provides control for high volumes of vehicle access, with convenience for customers and managers. It allows the accesses to be realized in a practical way and without delay.

+ Comfort

Better quality of services. Improves user experience, reduces queue time and size.

+ Satisfaction

Improves your image and adds value to your business, with fast and secure access.

+ Technology

Modern, secure and reliable validation technologies through:
– Fingerprint biometry, Passwords and Smartcards.
– 1D / 2D Barcodes and Smartcards.


Automated gates: With straight or articulated arm, they have a camera for recording vehicle images, anti-crushing mechanism, quiet operation and low power consumption.


Entry and Exit Control: They perform the detection of vehicles and control of entry or exit. Check the available devices.

High durability

Developed with the best materials, they are manufactured with structures of high resistance, guaranteeing the best finish, with excellent visual results.

Easy to use and we're here to help

Our goal is to design innovative solutions to optimize your operations and increase your access & ticketing performance. With our solution, you will have a professional team that works with you, at every step. We offer training, consulting and we are on hand to assist with more complex queries as needed.

What solution can we create for you? We tailor the solution to your needs!

Our modular solutions can be customized according to your project. Through our experienced consulting, we add quality and dedicate ourselves to maximize the results of each client. With creative ideas, reliable technologies, and business models that fit your needs, we are your partners to develop a project especially for you. Contact us.

Success Cases

“I emphasize the availability, the willingness to work together and create solutions. This is important and offers us more comfort. Imply® is a very open partner to understand the difficulties of everyday life, and gives us the support we need, bringing innovation, new experiences and creating new solutions. I am very pleased, and I hope to continue working together in the future.” Mr. Mauro Araújo, President of the Grêmio Arena


“The main factor to highlight about Imply® is always being ready for any challenge. We have been working with Imply® since 2012 at the Fonte Nova Arena, the Dunas Arena and the Grêmio Arena. For all the demands and changes that arise, we always have Imply® as a partner, regardless of the scenario.” Mr. Paulo Rossi, Director of Operations of the Grêmio Arena


“Imply® is a partner we can always count on. Imply® is a large company that always meets our technical requirements and works with us in a transparent way.” Mr. Jair Holler, IT Manager of the Grêmio Arena




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