Membership and Recurrent Payments Management

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Managing your Membership Program has never been easier!

Do you want to increase your recurring revenue? ElevenMembership is a complete platform designed to optimize your membership management.

Use ElevenMembership to leverage the attraction and retention of new members. Optimize your strategy with robust tools integrated into a single platform. Analyze dashboards and reports with real-time information.


Managing your Membership Program

The ideal Membership solution for you

Design and manage your member programs with smart tools to offer more efficiency, performance and saving time.

Increase Revenue

Increase number of members

Increase revenue with new members, encourage new members to participate by sending discount coupons.

Integrated payment management, payment automation, renewals and reminders.

Strengthen your Brand

Your brand needs to be seen

Strengthen your brand and communication, easy to create portal content templates and email communications, with freedom to edit at any time.

Responsive Portal: Connect with your members through a modern, user-friendly portal to facilitate hiring plans, access to products and services, and useful information. We offer a practical tool to facilitate the creation and updating of your members Relationship Portal. Fully responsive, the Portal adapts to every type of device or screen.

Custom E-Mail Scheduling: Scheduling automatic email sending with announcements and warnings.

Custom Solution

Custom platform with everything that you need

ElevenMembership is built, easy to use and offers all the tools that you need to leverage your Membership Program.

Portal with your Domain: The system will be hosted on your internet domain;

Multi-Languages: Other languages ​​can be registered;

Security: SSL Digital Certificate offering enhanced security and online payment capabilities. System access is protected through username and password authentication;

Integration with other systems: Prepared to integrate with other systems through web services;



What solution can we create for you?

Our solutions can be customized to your project. Through our experienced consulting, we add quality and are dedicated to maximizing the results of each client. With creative ideas, reliable technologies, and business models that fit your needs, we are your partners in developing a project just for you.


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