Facial Recognition Validator

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3 in 1 technology for safety and prevention:

When the equipment is installed at the entrances, it allows to identify people, analyse the body temperature and also check if the user is wearing a mask. These security measures are essential to provide more security to all people, through a fast  verification, before access is released. In this way, technology helps to promote control, impact reduction and prevention of the spread of COVID-19 and other diseases.

  • Access control by facial recognition: Through face recognition technology, when the user is recognized, the door or turnstile is opened automatically, avoiding the need for touching.
  • Measurement of body temperature: Measures the user’s body temperature, quickly and contactless. The equipment generates an alert in the system when identifying a feverish person.
  • Detection of the use of the individual protection mask: The equipment also detects the use of a mask and allows access only to users who are using the protection.



Fast learning algorithm

Main Features

Technology and Security

  • Integration with Access System: The Terminal is integrated with the Eleven Access System, which facilitates the management of access authorizations in a centralized way;
  • Artificial intelligence can be configured to deny access to unregistered users, users without a mask and / or with high temperature, as defined by the managers;
  • Alarms: sends notifications to managers when it detects someone with high body temperature;
  • Reports of accesses and body temperatures;
  • Audible and visual warnings;
  • Operates in low light environments;



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