ElevenCash is an agile and secure cashless payment platform.

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Our Cashless Platform arrived to bring accurate information to your management. Do you want to guarantee your customers’ satisfaction? With ElevenCash, it is possible to streamline and bring more security in financial transactions. Payments are extremely flexible and can be made using an RFID card as well as an RFID wristband. Thus, ElevenCash helps reduce queues and streamline service. With ElevenCash, you have agility, innovation, security and reduced operating costs. In order to optimize and modernize your management, the platform generates reports and dashboards in real time, which facilitate decision making.

✔ Accurate information for your management;

✔ Customize your money;

✔ Boost your results;

✔ Save your customers time and ensure their satisfaction;


Advantages for your Business

Accurate information for your management

  • More Control: Monitor your sales in real time.
  • More security: Transactions are credited to your account with complete security.
  • Cost Reduction: Optimize your operations.
  • Accounting: Cash accounting is easier because all infomation is processed in real time.
  • Agility: Speed ​​up your sales.
  • Innovation: Create a technological and modern image of your brand.

Advantages for your Customers

Convenience and safety

  • Agility: Don’t waste time in queue.
  • More security: No need to carry money or cards, reducing the chances of theft, especially at large events.
  • Innovation: Be part of a technological world.
  • Control your spending: With your card or bracelet, it’s much easier to control your spending.
  • Convenience: Possibility of recharging before and / or during the event.

RFID Technology

RFID Technology

  • Bracelets: Fabric, vinyl, rubberized and more.
  • Custom RFID Card.

Recharge Area

Inserting credits is quick and easy

  • Before or during the event: Reload your card or bracelet from the site.
  • During the event: Cashiers and / or Self-service terminals make it easier to recharge your card or bracelet.

Refund Area

Online Refund

Are there credits left on the bracelet or card? Don’t worry! Your customers will be able to redeem their credits through the refund site. The balance will be returned quickly, conveniently and Safely.

Advantages for POS

Modernity and agility

  • More agile service without change operations.
  • Possibility of offline consumption.
  • More control of your operations: real-time analytical and synthetic dashboards. Analytical and synthetic sales reports.
  • Safety, practicality and fast financial closing in real time.
  • Product Catalog Your Way: Full control over products sold. Registration of products with fixed and variable value, product photos and agility at the time of purchase.





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